Best Grow Media for Indoor and Outdoor Grow – 2022

When you want to grow healthy plants or herbs, using a suitable growing medium is very important. If you want to know more about the growing media for indoor as well as outdoors, you are at the right place. 

Grow Media

Grow media is a substance in which the plants grow which helps in proper growth and health of the plants.

Best Grow Mediums for Indoor :

Potting soil

Dirt, Soil, Potting, Mix, Ground, Mud


Potting soil is most commonly used as it is easily available.  Commercial potting soils are basically a combination of peat moss, pine bark, and either vermiculite or perlite and it is soilless.

Potting soil consists of natural nutrients, organic materials and also earthworm castings hence enhance the growth as well as health of the plants.

Things that have to be concentrated when you are using potting soil is aeration and also drainage as the potting soil is quite compressed.

Peat Moss

It is a fibrous product in dark brown colour obtained from Sphagnum moss and some other organic material when made to undergo decomposition in peat bogs.

Peat Moss is not usually used as an individual grow medium as it is comparatively less efficient. Hence used as an add-ons. The main advantage is that it holds on the nutrients firmly and avoids them getting washed off during watering.

Coconut Coir:

Coconut coir is one of the most popular grow medias used. Coco coirs are obtained from the coco husks and are dried.

Coco coir helps in the yield of the plant by encouraging growth of beneficial bacteria in the roots which promotes the growth and overall health of the plants.

Rock wool:

Rock wool is mostly used in extensive or wide range indoor growings. It is comparatively cleaner than the soil. It has quick draining capacity where the medium dries faster and needs to be fed frequently which apparently results in bigger plants.

Perlite and Vermiculite:

Perlites are added to the soil mix which helps in aeration and drainage. Perlite is basically a mineral obtained from volcanoes. They are silica based material. Vermiculite is also utilized as an add on to potting mix.

Best Grow Mediums for Outdoors:

You can grow directly on the ground if you choose outdoor growing. You can also make use of grow pots or a hydroponic system.

Soil should be of high nutrient concentration, fertilizers can be used for better growth. In the case of pots, pre mixed soil can be utilized and make sure there is a  better drainage.


We hope you find this helpful. Happy Reading.

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