The best plants to grow in pots and why?


Less space in the house consumes more mind space, especially for the gardeners. The chaotic housing style doesn't let many people grow the plants they eagerly wish for. As a solution, here come the pots, commonly called a Container providing a helping hand to the people who are finding their happiness in gardening. Amidst the pot's feasibility, proper care must be given at the initial stage of the plant to get the desired results. Pot is the storing medium that eases growing environments for young siblings. Select the containers in a way that they should become a perfect pair for your plant.

Especially, some plants are the perfect match for the pots, revealing never disappointing aspects of their own.  you!! Take a look at these plants that suit best in pots, excellent in yield!! 

  1. Cherry tomatoes

Even if the seeds have more priority, there will be no harm in planting fresh and best-selected plants. 12 inches pots will be effective ones if you want to get the best results. As tomatoes like warm weather and they prefer sun barking, it is necessary to keep them under the sun for 5 to 6 hours. Pots absorb light much more than the ground, hence tomatoes have been found in pots to grow better and the best. It’s better to pour a little water every day than pour a lot once a week, hence can avoid the splitting of tomatoes.

  1. Strawberries

Strawberries will be the best choice to grow in pots and you are going to agree with us too. 

Strawberries need the necessary drainage method in a pot to bear healthy fruits at the end. The pot which will be used to plant strawberry plants must be 8 inches deep. Pots will protect strawberries at their best and avoids consuming strawberries from insects and helps to protect from fungal diseases. Make sure that the plants are getting enough sunlight. Strawberry plants mandatorily need six to eight hours of direct sunlight to grow prosperously.

  1. Garlic 

How well does it sound to grow all-time favorable garlic on our own? For that, it requires a 6 to 8 inches pot. Place the cloves (which may be bought from the stores or else from the garden) at a distance of four inches. Never forget to water regularly. When winter arrives, to avoid the freezing of the garlic cloves, you can move them to any kind of shelter. Do sprinkling fertilizers on top of the soil surface, especially during the spring, and never forget to keep the pot under the sun and to water it regularly.

  1. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are unlike other plants as they are heavy feeders. Pots will be the right kind to feed this kind of plant. Always make sure to add regular fertilizers on the top of the surface and give what they want regularly. 

  1. Peas

Peas have mainly two varieties which are in the form of bush and the pole. Pole always needs support, and it can hardly be grown in the pots. But bush can easily be grown in the pots. Peas come under the list of plants that like cool weather. So it hardly survives in a place where the temperature reaches 70 degrees. So it would be better to plant these in the cold weather, hence it can be taken out immediately when the weather gets hot.


Better to start today than waiting for tomorrow. The weather may not be friendly always. But taking a chance always will be the best move than buying the food which has been consumed with more poisonous fertilizers. 

Pots will never make you disappoint, so with no time start to plant.

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