DIY Hydroponic Seedling Grow

Most of the time we overlook the fact of seedlings while discussing DIY gardening or Hydroponic Grow Guide itself, the hint lies there. When only the seeds are potent enough, the plant will grow lustfully. 

Obviously, sprouting the seeds to seedling will consume much time and effort, but the joy you receive overwhelms the rest.
~ If these moments are shared with your kids, this will account for their life science experiment.

Growing seedlings for self use and planting them in your own garden, pots are the best way of enjoying the fruit of your labor. It’s never a difficult task to start your own seedlings for that matter, just a bit more patience and constant care for them will do.

Hydroponic method will maximize your seed germination rate, the chances of hitting the germination will be sky rocking. When the plant grows into full maturity, you’ll have a comprehensive overview of your plant growth. 

Step by Step Process of Seed Starting

  1. Choice of Seed variant and Hydroponic system

Choose a breed that best suits your indoor grow environment, and ofcourse to your liking. And the system optimizes your grow experience. 

  1. Grow Medium

You have a variety of options for growing media, from regular potting mix, coco coir, perlite mix, or home made potting mix.

  1. Moisten the medium and place seed

Always soak or water the grow media until it is uniformly moist without any dry spots. Follow the direction in seed packets while spacing the seed placement and their depth. 

  1. Cover the grow tray

Inorder to retain the moisture during germination, cover up the seeds with fine layer of vermiculite or humidity dome. Often, humidity dome will increase the temperature within, care to check every now and then.

  1. Water properly

Important to note is the amount of water you give during germination. Gently water by hand with an overhead mister, or get Seepage irrigation in use. 

  1. Required light

Some seeds (though not all) require much needed light to germinate naturally. Light needed after germination is susceptible in accord to the plant type and grow condition.

  1. Nutrient feed

It is not recommended to feed full-fledged nutrients right at this moment, as the nutrient salts will make it difficult for the seeds suck in water and hinder root growth.
But, once the seed sprouts out, start with diluted hydroponic nutrient solution according to label direction. 

  1. Transplant

Generally, seedlings are ready to transplant once the true leaves are developed. If you are using seedling plugs, roots are visible outright once pulled out.
Seedlings placed in a hydroponic container should be closed close enough to absorb the nutrients evenly. 

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