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Are you setting your first tent? Need any help! Setting up tents is easy when you know what’s needed. In search of top grow tents in stores, you’re most expected to come across ‘Gorilla Grow Tents’, renowned as world’s #1 top selling grow tents. 

Gorilla grow tents designed to grow plants indoors and in your required environmental condition. They are acutely light-proof, more durable, quiter, stronger, safer and creates the best possible grow environment for you and your plants. 

Thick material and large double cinching ducting ports makes maintaining an ideal growing space a snap, also their accessory and extension. Grow easy on yourself. Gorilla Grow tents are available in different series like Original, Lite Line, Shorty and Clone.

Why do we need Grow Tents in first place?

It’s a reminder to you to install a grow tent as the only structure to comprise indoor gardening systems. You will need to organize them to help you create a suitable environment. Also when you buy a tent you need to know what your requirements are. For it allows you to grow crops year long regardless and control the growing environment completely.

Efficient use of Space and Total Control

A grow tent concerning indoor growing, hydroponic means, organizing space, allows you to define different grow environments in the same room. Haven’t tried growing hydroponically yet? Here are the basics about the hydroponic system  you can work on.Enough Space for Grow

An indoor grow tent takes up space according to your wish, because they are in different sizes. So you should choose between them which tent will suit your indoor space. Like, if a 5’x9′ and 8’x8’ grow tent gets space in the bedroom, if ten size is 12’x18’ size it perfectly fits into the garage. When you choose a tent you should calculate your area then search for dimensions perfectly fit in your indoor.

Energy Efficiency

Grow tents are efficient to plant because the material for growing tents reflects the light so it directly reaches the plants. If you want to reduce electric bills, you should switch to LED lights. LEDs give the same light intensity as higher wattage lights and generate less heat so you do not need to invest in a fan that is better for ventilation.

No insect or pathogen intrusion 

When you grow outdoors, insects are attracted to your plant and affect your plant but in tent, it is seldom as long as the insect remains outside. Silvery grey trails the tops of leaves and small black deposits on the opposite side. For this apply a protector as foliar spray. You can trim the leaf or you can also try natural thrip predators.

Circulation of air

Grow tent has a window so it helps to circulate fresh air in the tent. Carbon activated from plants is released outside the tent. If carbon released a larger amount, you can use a fan carrying air out of your tent creating vacuum. This pulls in fresh air from intake ports at the bottom of the tent. Also called an extractor fan, an inline duct fan is used to expel the hot and humid air from inside your grow room or tent. 

Ease of Use 

Grow tents come with a variety size of ventilation fans, built-in holder for grow lights, holes for the wires, waterproof floor trays reflective coating on to improve light utilization, light proof heavy duty exterior, window and much more.No longer have to actually build a grow room.

– Upgrade in an environment for your better yield.
– Save money compared to growing rooms.
– Fold back the entire setup in just a minute.
– Clean, Sterilize, Reuse after every grow cycle. 

Grow Tent Requirements:

This listing will give you the idea of the materials and tools you will need for your very first grow tent setup. 

Grow Tent

Provide an environment to your plants, so it can grow healthy and strong with customized environments.

Grow light

Grow lights is nothing but a light spectrum similar to the sun to provide a spectrum that is much in need of a proper growth rate of plants being cultivated. 


Ventilation plays a vital role in your plant growth. Temperature and Moisture builds up pressure, which needs to be under-controlled from inhibiting growth of plants. 


This mainly consists of temperature and humidity gauge, basic assembly tools, plants, tape and other accessories.

Gorilla Grow Tents feature:

1. Featuring the industry’s best industrial-strength zippers for long-term durability, Diamond Reflective Technology Lining for optimal light distribution. 

2. Micro-Mesh Pre-Filters, EZ View Window, and Double-Cinching ducts to create the perfect environment for clones.

3. Reflective interior surfaces that allow for optimal use of light that each crop receives.

4. Lightweight, light proof and flame retardant roof along with high quality materials for walls.

5. Sturdy and strong poles as well as roof supports that can support equipment like fans and grow lights.

6. Quality zips that are able to hold the grow tent strongly, ensure that light does not leak outside.

7. Floor trays that can hold any spillage as well as one that is removable to facilitate easy cleaning.

8. Sealable holes on the external wall that allow for extraction of air and power cables.

Series of Gorilla Grow Tents:

These series have their own specifications like they have different dimensional advantages, so you have to use according to your preference.

Gorilla grow tent  

original series gorilla grow tents
TentDimensionsWeight(lb)DensityDoorsDucting PortsElectrical ports
8’x8’Gorilla grow tent8’x8’x6’ 11”13916803126
9’x9’Gorilla grow tent9’x9’x6’ 11”15516803126
8’x16’Gorilla grow tent8’x16’x6’ 11”217168061614
10’x10’Gorilla grow tent10’x10’x6’ 11”17716803126
10’x20’Gorilla grow tent10’x20’x6’ 11”308168061614

Made Up of 1680D thread density fabric, is up to 9x denser than any grow tent making it ideal for expert growers. It has steel poles with interlocking pins. They use diamond reflection technology so photons get directly at your plant. Also they create roof adjustable so whenever you have to customize roof size according to your plant’s need. 

Gorilla grow tent  LITE Line

lite line gorilla grow tents
TentDimensionsWeight(lb)DensityDoorsDucting portsElectrical ports
2’x2.5’ GGT LITE2’x2.5’5’ 7″19210151
2’x4’ GGT LITE2’x4’x6’ 7”25210152
4’x4’ GGT LITE4’x4’x6’ 7”30210162
4’x8’ GGT LITE4’x8’x6’ 7”49210374
8’x8’ GGT LITE8’x8’x6’ 7”77210394

This series is for those wishing GGT experience and also a limited budget for growing. These tents feature the same quality as indoor grow. These also have dimension range, so you can choose according to your plant and indoor space. It can be easy to set up, thick and customized.

Gorilla grow tent Shorty

shorty series gorilla grow tents
TentDimensionsWeight(lb)DensityDoorsDucting portsElectrical ports
2’x2.5’GGT SHORTY2’x2.5’x4’ 11”261680152
2’x4’GGT SHORTY2’x4’x4’ 11”31.51680152
3’x3’GGT SHORTY3’x3’x4’ 11”32.51680152
4’x4’GGT SHORTY4’x4’x4’ 11”41.51680143
5’x5’GGT SHORTY5’x4’x4’ 11”531680343
4’x8’GGT SHORTY4’x8’x4’ 11”691680385

This series special design grow tent for beginners.Use for redefining possibility in grow tent industry.Different dimension of the series you can use which you have chosen perfect for your yield.

Gorilla Clone tent

clone series gorilla grow tents
TentDimensionsWeight(lb)DensityDoorsDucting portsElectrical ports
Gorilla clone tent 18’x13’x25’18’x13’x25’7.3210112
Gorilla clone tent 24’x24’x32’24’x24’x32’7.3210112

This series provides you with the ability to track your yield grow.Providing best environment for your clone and seedings.Environment you can adjust according to your plant.Complimentary option you can add fan and filter to you clone tent.

Gorilla Grow Tent Accessories

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