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Harvesting your crops is made easier with resinator trimmers. The harvest equipment is used for processing, gathering and extraction of weeds and crops. Worry not when a trimmer is in your hand !! It will save your time-money by utilizing an all-in-one solution, tailored to your requirements, aiding at the time of harvest. These blade-less trimmer cuts WET or DRY by 85% much faster than hand trimming. 

The harvest trimmer/extractor serves as a powerful prep machine working in tandem with other supporting equipment. You can load your harvest through our OG and XL extractor first, then into your close loop pressure system. The result shocks you with tremendous increase (up to 5 times) in your volume output.


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  • The Original Ultimate Multi-Use Extraction & Trimming Machine! Quickly and Easily Extract Using CO2, Dry Ice, or Ice Water Resulting…
    The Resinator is the only unit that features both an extractor and a trimmer all built into an efficient and…

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