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Nutrient or supplement during all applicable stages of plant growth
KALIX Bloom Booster 0-50-30 is a tried and tested soluble bloom booster formulation with chelated micronutrients.
KALIX Amino Acids is an uncut, technical grade blend of two key L-aminos for plant growth and health, L-Glycine and…
KALIX Calcium/Magnesium can help with treating deficiencies and creating custom tailored recipe solutions.
Fulltek can be used to improve soil structure and increase nutrient uptake during all phases of plant growth.
Silica has been found to strengthen cell walls giving plants an increased resistance to environmental stress.
KALIX Kelp is a soluble extract from seaweed (Acophyllum Nodosum), and is a beneficial addition to all feeding schedules (see…
This product has extremely high spore counts or CFU and is designed for commercial production.
KALIX Nitrogen is fully soluble and derived from ammonium sulfate. This form of Nitrogen is very user friendly in that…
KALIX Potassium can help with boosting potassium (K) levels, treating deficiencies, and optimizing your feeding regimen.
In addition to 1% water soluble vitamin B1, RAW B-Vitamin contains 9% magnesium, making it an optimal magnesium supplement. RAW…
RAW Calcium/Mag contains 15% calcium and 3% magnesium. RAW Calcium/Mag has optimized the ratio of each element in a Water…
RAW Cane Molasses is a highly concentrated, water Soluble micronized molasses that gives all the benefits of Liquid Molasses without…
RAW Humic Acid contains 59% Humic Acids derived from Leonardite which is the most concentrated, water Soluble humic acid product…
RAW Phosphorus is an essential element for plant growth. Phosphorus itself is required for all life and is often a…



KALIX K-Silicate (Soluble)

NPK Industries RAW B-Vitamin

NPK Industries RAW B-Vitamin

NPK Industries RAW Humic Acid

NPK Industries RAW Humic Acid

NPK Industries RAW Phosphorus

NPK Industries RAW Phosphorus


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