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Nanolux Replacement reflector 315W CMH

Nanolux Replacement reflector 315W CMH

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315w CMH Replacement Reflector
315w CMH Replacement Reflector Insert uses best in class 97% reflective German aluminum. This reflector initiates interlacing light patterns for deeper light.

The CMH optimized reflector is a 130 degree aperture reflector which has an insert to provide a more even light spread using the 2 point sources of light which is used in CMH lamps. This reflector is used for DE lamps with 2 CMH arc tubes or our CMH 630 arm which accepts 2 individual CMH 315 lamps.

Fully sealed, low frequency ballast is side mounted. The CMH 315 single lamp fixtures vertical lamp mounting position provides an even light footprint. Meets ETL Standards and uses 97% German reflective material. Both Nanolux CMH fixtures can be used with any 315W 3K or 4K horticultural lamp from all the leading quality brands.

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