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Replacement reflector for Classic 630W CMH

Replacement reflector for Classic 630W CMH

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630w CMH Replacement Reflector
630w CMH Replacement Reflector Insert uses best in class 97% reflective German aluminum. This reflector initiates interlacing light patterns for deeper light.

Optilx reflector follows current trends of having more downlight with less commercial overlap of the commercial DE reflectors. We have reengineered this reflector to remove the hotspot/spotlight effect of the current competitor on the market offering this type of reflector.

To ensure maximum efficency, Nanolux suggests replacing your reflector every two years. Replacement Reflector for Nanolux 630w CMH. Reflector is made from high-quality German aluminum.

Please note: Image does not reflect actual product. Product includes reflector only. Does not include lamps, ballast, luminaire or cords.


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