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Think Grow Led

100-277V Smart Junction Box

100-277V Smart Junction Box

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The ThinkGrow Smart Junction Box is an electronic circuit breaker and energy meter that is connected in line with each "string" of LEDs to monitor and protect the circuit from power overload. If the circuit protector detects unusual high amperage, the power to the LEDs will be turned off to prevent damage to the LEDs and the Daisy Chain Power Cord System. 


  • Overcurrent protection
  • Power Surge Protection
  • Power Consumption Data Collection
  • On-site monitoring
  • Wireless Power-data Logging (with Hydro-X Pro)


  • Smart Junction Box (OPA-1) x 1
  • Alternate Waterproof Cable Gland Seal (for 12/3 and 14/3 cable) x 1



Input power : 

Rated voltage : 

Rated current : 

Shut-off Point Range : 

Overcurrent protection point : 

Sensitivity to protection : 

Voltage accuracy : 

Current accuracy : 

Power accuracy : 

PF accuracy : 

Operating temperature: 

Working Humidity : 

Product dimensions : 

G.W. per pack : 

Certifications : 


00~277VAC, 50/60 Hz



15A/ 20A/ 30A 


Response within 0.5s 

ᄆ2% readings/ ᄆ1% shut-off point

ᄆ2% readings/ ᄆ1% shut-off point

ᄆ5% readings/ ᄆ1% shut-off point


32~104 ᄚF 


104.05 x 266.16 x 70.77 (mm) 

940 g


2A3 3F-OPA-1 


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