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Trol Master

Aqua-X Pro Controller with AMP-2 Sensor Board, Free Phone App

Aqua-X Pro Controller with AMP-2 Sensor Board, Free Phone App

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The NFS-2 controller from TrolMaster is one of the most advanced irrigation controllers available today. The NFS-2 is a multi-functional controller which can control multiple irrigation solenoids and pumps. The NFS-2 can also monitor multiple water sensors that can measure pH, EC / PPM, temperature and water content sensor. There is also a new optional DFW-1 flow-meter that serves multiple functions. Each of the solenoids and pumps can be "linked" to work together so that multiple grow areas can be controlled by a single NFS-2. When combined with the optional AMP-3, WCS-1 and WCS-2 sensors and the new DFW-1 flow-meter, the NFS-2 allows the user to monitor up to 50 sensors and receive mobile notifications if a problem is detected by the system. The NFS-2 was created to allow users to customize their irrigation cycle and be able to control the irrigation events by using either the DFM-1 digital flow-meter, WCS-1 or WCS-2 moisture content sensors or by simple timers. Each device being controlled by the NFS-2 can conceivably have an unlimited number of irrigation "events" each 24 hour day.


  • 10’ touch screen - Phone monitoring (TM+) & web-based controlling 
  • Increased Product Capacity of up to 300 pumps and 300 solenoids 
  • Expanded Irrigation Schedule up to 50 individual schedules
  • Multiple reservoir monitoring on pH, EC, and Temp (with AMP-3) 
  • Medium EC, Temp and Moisture monitoring (with WCS-2) 
  • Water consumption Volume monitoring (with DFM-1)
  • Feed on Demand 
  • Feed by volume 
  • Auto-fill in the reservoir 
  • Calendar control for multiple days preset schedules 
  • Flexible Master pumps connections

Package Content

  • 1x Aqua-X Pro 
  • 1x AMP-3 
  • 2x 12ft. RJ12 Cables


  • Input Voltage: 100-240V 
  • Certifications: ETL/FCC 
  • Degree of Ingress Protection: IP20 
  • Max Distance to Device to be connected: 1000 meter 
  • Nutrient Sensors (AMP-3, DFM-1, WD-1): Max 50 pc 
  • Medium Sensors (WCS-2, WCS-1): Max 50 pc 
  • PUMPS (OA6-24, OA6-110, DSP-1, DSD-1,DSE-1, OM-8): Max 50 pc 
  • VALVES (OA6-24, OA6-110, DSP-1, DSD-1,DSE-1, OM-8): Max 50 pc 
  • Working Environments Temperature 32-122°F, Humidity≤90%

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