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Blue 10.6 GPH PC Standard Spray Stake - Single Pattern

Blue 10.6 GPH PC Standard Spray Stake - Single Pattern

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The slight downward spray pattern keeps the water in the pot and reduces wind drift. This means every pot receives the same amount of water from the first to the last. No more over or under watered containers! Perfect for nursery and greenhouse applications.


  • Uniform watering from first to last pot over a wider range of operating pressures
  • Two spray patterns available:
    • Single spray pattern stake is placed at the edge of the pot for optimum pot coverage
    • Double spray pattern stake is placed nearer the stem or trunk of the plant and sprays out away from plant for optimal pot coverage
  • Secure shut-off located right on the stake
  • Flexible staking options to fit your needs:
    • Spray mounted on plastic stake for most potted plants and soil medium
    • Rod mounted stakes will fit 12 gauge rod (of whatever height needed) for more stability and greater ground penetration in bark or mulch medium as well as increased height adjustment
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