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Legacy Beta Series Digital Controller (Day/Night Humidity 110V)

Legacy Beta Series Digital Controller (Day/Night Humidity 110V)

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The BETA-6 features a precision humidity sensor within a 16ft remote probe assembly. Simply plug in your humidity / dehumidify device to the power outlet on the bottom of the BETA-6. The user can select separate “day / night” humidity settings and the photocell built into the BETA-6 will automatically start controlling your device. (Settings from 20-90% rH) Either humidifiers or dehumidifiers can be controlled by the BETA-6.


Digital Display

Built-in Photocell sensor 

Day-Night Control



  • 1 x Humidity Controller
  • 1 x Humidity Sensor



Input Voltage:                                         120 Volts AC 

Output Switch:                                        Relay

Fuse Rating:                                           10A/250V~

AC Power Cord Length:                           1.8m

Humidity Control Range:                         20-90%

Humidity Deadband:                              5%

Package Dimensions:                              275mm(L) x 87mm(W) x 94mm(H)

Gross Weight:                                       0.56kgs

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