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Harvest Right Mylar Starter Kit with 50-Mylar Bags, 50-Oxygen Absorbers, and 12" Impulse Sealer

Explore a whole new way of preserving food that maintains taste, aroma, appearance, and nutrition with your new Harvest Right Mylar Bag Sealer Starter Kit! This starter kit complements the Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryers and includes one 12” impulse sealer, fifty 8” x 12” mylar bags, and fifty oxygen absorbers.

Storing freeze-dried food effectively is done by sealing mylar bags with oxygen absorbers sealed inside. This is made possible by a 5mm-wide impulse sealer. The dial on this sealer should be set to the same thickness as the mylar bag. If the seal is difficult to achieve, turn up the dial until a seal is made. To test the seal, gently tug and the seal should not be easily pulled apart. Double sealing ensures a stronger seal. Do not reseal in the same spot to avoid melting the mylar bag and ruining the seal.

The 7.0mm food-grade mylar bags prevent oxygen and water from penetrating the bag. Simply place an oxygen absorber into a 1-gallon mylar bag before sealing to ensure that the freeze-dried food has the least amount of oxygen inside, eliminating the need for vacuum sealing entirely. The 300cc absorbers effectively protect packaged food from spoilage, mold growth, color change, loss of nutritive value, insect damage, and loss of quality. We recommend using all of the oxygen absorbers within one opened package for optimal oxygen removal.

Product Features:

  • Get started the right way to preserve your food for up to 25 years.
  • Easy to use.
  • Takes all the hassles out of preserving food at home.


  • One 12 impulse sealer.
  • Fifty 8 x 12 7.0 mil mylar bags.
  • Fifty oxygen absorbers.

Extended Product Information:

  • User's Manual

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 12"D x 10"H x 5"W
Wattage: 300 W
Certification and Listings: CE Certified
Manufacturer Warranty: 90 day limited warranty
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